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Full legal name: SocialDNA

PIC: 941737596

Country: Netherlands

City: Amsterdam


The foundation aims to create links between citizens, industry, educational and social organisations. By pursuing the interests of vulnerable target groups it seeks to improve participants future hopes, self-worth, mutual respect and understanding for each other.
Social DNA is a dynamic and efficient organization, with a strong base in the business community, local government, education and the social arena. So, from this position, Social DNA is able to recruit participants and mobilize them for participation in social-benefit projects. Social structures in the community offer a large number of projects with-a-purpose, while the business community, municipality and educational institutionsare there to provide the human resources, knowledge/expertise, tools and/or funding.
Social DNA couples highly diverse supply and demand offers, but not infrequently also has an initiating role in arranging meetings and getting the ball rolling. Socila DNA’s strategy is to translate social issues in society into concrete projects that will have an impact on the well-being of both individuals and organizations. Socila DNA’s services are offered on a not-for-profit basis.
SocialDNA has experience in the development of social enterprises in business area and it is a partner of 3 social enterprises.