During the project implementation each partners developed 6 social business plans, 6 marketing plans for the social business, promotional materials like a poster, a short movie, a logo of the social company. Each organization has developed a social business plan,a marketing plan and started to implemented it. Was developed the followings social business:

Social DNA wants to empower homeless people

Romania-Path to Knowledge- a e-learning platform for each students who have difficulties in learning

Portugal-“Pousada de Juventude de Viseu-youth hostel”-a hostel for youth meeting to train, to do best exchanges

Greece-” Care for you”- is an agency for providing medical and psychological assistance at home for the elderly

Spain-A.M.E.F.E.’S BIKES “DEALING KNOWLEDGE”- a agency with bicycles for tourism in the center of Malaga.

Italy-” Replastic”-a social enteprise for reusing plastic to do other products.

As the social business plan developed by Adamastor, Atom, SocialDNA and Romania was implemented in totality until de end of the project , the social enterprises are the good examples for other youth to start a social enterprise. The social business plan developed by Futuro Digitale and AMEFE was implemented in proportions of 50 %, as they are discussing common solutions with local community ( City hall) to sustain efficient collection of plastic and buying special bikes for tourism .