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Kick off Meeting

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7-10 January 2016, Tg. Neamt, Romania

Objectives of transnational meeting:

  • creation of strong and sustainable partnerships;
  • developing a strategy and tools for project implementation;
  • deepening and exploration of topics as entrepreneurship, social economy, the promotion of active civic attitude in community;
  • identifying and planning of social awareness strategies to spread ideas about social entrepreneurship;
  • identifying social problem in each partner community and solution of these;
  • breaking down of stereotypes due to cultural, physical and social differences among the participants, promoting tolerance, solidarity and reciprocal understanding among young people;


  • group building activities;
  • thematic deepening about social economy, entrepreneurship through non formal activities based on learning by doing and peer education as role playing, group discussions, case studies;
  • workshop for planning social awareness events, in order to stimulate the civic duty and an entrepreneurial spirit behavior among the citizens, and their real implementation: organization of a Swap Party, video-spot shooting for social awareness and organization of astreet event;
  • study visits to the social enterprises from Tg. Neamt area and discussion with the entrepreneurs;
  • multicultural evenings;
  • visits to places of historical and cultural interest in the city of Neamt
  • open-air activities;
  • esploration of the Erasmus+ programme and follow-up plan activities.

Preparatory activities before the transantional meeting in Romania

With your group , you should prepare:

  • an activity for a thematic workshop (the workshops will be about what means social economy/social enterprises, what identify the social problem in your area);
  • a list with social problem in your area which was identified and some solution of them;
  • a presentation about your organization’s work through leaflets, photos and videos or anything else that you find interesting and representative;
  • a presentation of your Country and Culture with food, videos, photos, games, dances and music;
    Be creative!


Arrival in Targu Neamt: on 7th January 2016
Departure: on 11th January 2016
There are good connections with Targu Neamt city from the airport of Bacau (one hour and half by bus), Iasi ( 2hour by bus), Targu Mures (4 hours by bus), Cluj Napoca (4 hours and half by bus) and Bucharest ( 5hours by bus), so you can look for the cheapest flights from your city to one of these airports.
If more of you are coming to the airport Bacau or Iasi we will organize your travel from Bacau or Iasi to Targu Neamt. From Iasi you will have bus from hour by hour, see this page.
Here you will find information about arrivals in Bacau airport
Here you will find information about arrivals in Iasi airport
Accomodation will be for all teams at Hotel Doina:
The entire group will stay in Hotel Doina, located in center of the city.
Here you can have a look on this page.
It provides breakfast, towels and free wi-fi.
Turistic information about Tg. Neamt
Below some links where you can read some touristic/cultural information about Tg. Neamt

Program of acrivities

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