Impact – Follow-up H1

Economic and social crisis in Europe has unveiled two big problems: the increasing number of unemployed among youth and the deepening social problems of the community related to social insertion of disadvantaged groups.

The project aims to find innovative answer to the above, one is to develop the entrepreneurial skills of the young in the social field.

Studies show that in Europe, almost 6 million people under 25 years of age do not have a job and 7.5 million people attend no educational or training program. In this context, Impact 2020 was the promoter of two actions to be followed by the project partner countries:

  1. carrying out an investigation on the role of local public authorities and on the social problems of youth in the community
  2. the application of questionnaires to young in communities involved in the project in order to determine the degree of their involvement in problem-solving.

The questionnaire, which was applied in this partner organizations, shows that youth aged between 16 and 21 years of age represent the category most exposed to poverty risk compared to the other age categories.