Futuro Digitale

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Full legal name: Associazione di Promozione Sociale Futuro Digitale

PIC: 949176429

Country: Italy

City: Terranova da Sibari

Site: www.futurodigitale.org

Futuro Digitale (registered in the Transparency Register held at the European Commission at No. 481940312180-28), established in February 2013 , is a non -profit organization , was founded on the ideals of the project Policoro Italian Episcopal Conference to bring ideas and innovation, not only in Southern Italy , where the headquarters of the association , but throughout Italy and Europe. This is possible thanks to the activities of members who do not pose either sectoral or territorial limits. The link with the Policoro Project lies in the principle of realizing a “something” , an opportunity for social and cultural growth and technological “network.”
The Association is engaged in designing and social European Union , in the design and delivery of services for people at risk of marginalization of young people in difficulty , with the support of technology also in order to reduce the digital divide, the dynamics of education , training, labor market and youth policies at the European level , for the start of concrete actions that create engagement necessary, and unfortunately still missing , including training and job opportunities. In fact, Digital Future is accredited as a venue for the period of Internship in agreement with the Department of Business and Law , University of Calabria ; SOLVIT promotes the European Commission.
The mission of the Association is to create a network for the exchange of information and best practices in guidance, training , local development , the promotion of European citizenship , national and European youth policy , culture and intercultural , European integration and the digital divide, the cooperation between the countries of the Mediterranean.
A young presence in Calabria, the Association, inspired by the union local development – social inclusion inserted in a European context , with the understanding that the full integration of people into the social fabric is prerequisite for the development of the territory. Shunning an intervention model purely welfare approach , Future Digital promotes the participation of carriers needs inclusive , considering not passive users of the services provided , but the creators and protagonists of their detachment from the context of marginalization . Purpose that is pursued by directly involving the recipients of the shares in the activities of the Association .
‘Future Digital’ intends to select young people who are attracted to the world of youth, but in general, the selection will be done through two major categories: choice for personal and professional reasons. For the actual definition for the profile of the aspiring volunteer we will require someone who matches the relevant regulations and the guidelines of the National Agency, and will be based on the needs of the partners involved in the specific project. The first objective will then make public and outline the profile of the person we are looking for.
This information will be posted on our website (as a primary means of publicity and transparency) and on networking sites and by partners of the Association.
Following the requirement of the candidate, we will publicise on many social media platforms (portals and websites, social networks, mailing) in order to spread the word to as many young people as possible.
We will publicise the opportunity for a reasonable period of time for it to be available for potential candidates and people can proceed with the preparation of the application.
Applications will be collected and managed by Digital Future in full compliance with current legislation on privacy and the processing of personal data (Legislative Decree no. 196/2003).
Elements of evaluation
The selection will take into account:

  • Motivational reasons;
  • Knowledge of the project;
  • Correspondence between the profile and the one required by the project;
  • Required personality;
  • Ability to work in a group;
  • Availability of time;
  • Working experience.