Conference of social entrepreneurship – E1

Social entrepreneurship projects that will be presented, will address both youth/youth workers and local authorities, so that the best examples in the country and in Europe to become the engine of change in the mentality of small communities for solving situations of disadvantaged groups, or problems.
The International Conference of social entrepreneurs aims to exchange of innovative ideas in the field of social economy and exchange best practices on projects already implemented. The Conference will invite about 60 people from Europe and Romania, and will present the movies, web pages, brochures, workshops, fairs of social entrepreneurship projects, solutions to the social problems of the community. Among the 60 guests 10% will be representatives of the local authorities to to raise awareness towards youth and youth initiatives in community, to find practical solutions to faced social problems. Each of the participants will come up with a problem study concerning an identified problem at the local community level, to find solutions within the framework of the collective work sessions of the Conference.

The Conference will take 3 days, from 7 to 9 December 2017, on following agenda:

  • Day 1: Promoting the project platform and e-guide of good practice of the social entrepreneur-Social Entrepreneur’s Guide, workshops for the identification of problems and solutions using the brainstorming, role-play, debates
  • Day 2: Presentation of social entrepreneurship projects as examples of good practice, viewing spots, web pages, Social Entrepreneur’s Guide.
  • Day 3: Debate on planning, means of financing, branding with professional consultations, and on the next day workshops on develop social economy projects that can be implemented by young people in each of their communities.

All materials presented in the Conference by other youth/youth worker than the project members will be posted on the e-learning platform becoming a tool in the development of other initiatives of young people, in solving social problems.
In the phase of promote the conference we will develop written and online invitations in English and in other languages of the project partners and send them by email to other youth organizations in the country and abroad.
We will develop an application form for leaders and youth workers / young people, teachers, coaches to attend the international conference. The invitation and application form will be posted on the websites Salto-Youth and Eurodesk. For the partnership we will establish criteria for the selection of candidates for the conference which include the following criteria:

  1. Not more than 2 members of an organization (a leader, a young / youth worker)
  2. Not more than three organizations of the same country. After receiving the application forms are selected candidates will be sent a written response by each organization which invited them.

Each organization will send invitations accompanied by the application form for at least 5 organizations in the country and five youth organizations in the world. The Organisation Impact 2020 centralizes the youth organizations to which invitations and the application form will be sent and has to develop a selection criterion which has to be approved by vote by all the partners in the project. After receiving the forms the selection of the candidates will begin and each one will receive a written response from the organization which invited them.
The International Conference of social enterprises will be held between 18 – 21 january 2016 as follows:

  • presentation of the project’s platform;
  • e-guide for social entrepreneur;
  • impact study on the implementation of social entrepreneurship in communities.

Methods using: presentation, debates, workshops, games, role plays, simulations, films promoting social entrepreneurship.
Each organization will present their products. SocialDNA will hold workshops for young people using young people trained as facilitators in the learning of training in the initial training in the Netherlands.
Each organization will present their intellectual product. Social DNA will hold workshops for youth using young people trained as facilitators in learning in the Netherlands. The organisation Impact 2020 will organize the necessary logistics, provide the location for the conference, disseminate the conference’s activities and promote the dissemination and in the local media. The activities and results of the conference will be posted on the platform of the projects, on Salto-Youth, on Eurodesks, ETwinning and other sites and organizations.