Full legal name: K.D.V.M. ATOM

PIC: 994242047

Country: Greece

City: Patras


K.D.V.M. “Atom” (Lifelong Learning Center “Atom”) is established in Patras – Greece. Our mission is to provide programs for vocational training, lifelong learning and youth employment, work support and promotion. ATOM is a part of APHOI KOUMANAKOU & SIA association that also includes the elderly care agency called Frontida Zois and NGO Frodizo.

Atom K.D.V.M can deliver the following items in this areas:

  • Training and various educational programs for young workers
  • Design, development and implementation of vocational training for unemployed
  • Integrated programs and actions to combat vulnerable social groups social exclusion (EKO) and young people not in education nor in employment (NEET’s)
  • Vocational Guidance services, business counselling and support
  • European programs research and development studies
  • Development of volunteering inter European activities and cooperation concerning lifelong learning and active social participation.