Asociatia Impact 2020

Impact2020logo.prelucratFull legal name: Asociatia Impact 2020

PIC: 942951551

Country: Romania

City: Tirgu Neamt

The Association Impact 2020 is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, having 63 members, of which 18 are youth workers, six seniors and the rest, young people aged between 15-25 years.
The main purposes of the Association are:

  1. to support and form young people and youth workers (coming from rural, monoindustrial, areas, of other ethnicities, from the Romanian diaspora, or people with disabilities) for better social inclusion, better personal, social and professional development, for a better involvement in solving community problems;
  2. to promote, support and form youth workers and teachers of all grades, particularly debutants, people of rural background, or coming from VET schools, on subjects of topical interest, to improve the educational activity and the personal development;
  3. to promote and contribute to solving the problems of elderly people, to emphasize their role in the community by harnessing the knowledge and skills of senior citizens;
  4. to identify and support the resolution of social, environmental, educationalproblems of local ethnic communities.

Youth workers are teachers, educators, engineers and economists experienced in working with young people, particularly with those of 14-19 years of age; they have implemented Comenius projects in schools where they work and have organized various extracurricular activities related to the environment, to the issue of inclusion of people with disabilities and orphans.
The Association was established out of the desire to stimulate the initiatives of resourceful young people into society, to sensitize local communities concerning youth issues and to the solutions they find for the community, to enhance community life through the involvement of as many membersas possible.The economic crisis has emphasized the problems of young people, due to deepening poverty, lack of professional perspective due to low job opportunities and the lack of confidence of many company managers in youth professional skills and potential. Young people from rural areas and small monoindustrial cities were most affected due to the non-financial support from family and from authorities, many of them stopped attending collegeand university studies even being intelectual resourceful.
Most municipalities in rural areas (75% of 15 questioned town halls in rural) don’t know the iniatives of youth related to community problems, and 68% of young people are not convinced that their opinions will be taken into account by the local authorities, being the main mass of the population not allowed to decide on public matters.
The Association promotes youth initiatives in environment protection, the support disadvantaged persons, promoting a healthy lifestyle and last but not least the personal development of youth, supporting and encouraging the entrepreneurial initiative and integrating on labor market. These directions are supported through workshops, promotional campaigns, courses on interest topics, exchanges of best practices.