Asociacion Malaguena de Educacion y Formacion Europea

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Full legal name: Asociacion  Malaguena de Educacion y Formacion  Europea

PIC: 946855219

Country: Spain

City: Malaga

A.M.E.F.E. is a private and educational institution in SPAIN. Founded some years ago that represents an ample educational sector in Spain. Some of the purposes of the Association are:

  • Organize and conduct cultural activities to further development , conservation and cultural diffusion;
  • Information, training and development of European programs in Andalusia, especially those related to language learning and new technologies applied to any educational level;
  • Training through courses and conferences partners / as volunteers / as and citizens in general;
  • Promote and strengthen the bonds of friendship between European society and community Andalusian society closer to new cultures through lectures, debates, panel discussions, exhibitions, and projects;
  • Promote and disseminate European culture within the Andalusian society, in the first instance within the educational community for a sociocultural exchange whose fruit is mutual understanding and improving coexistence between both;
  • Encourage, within the framework of the educational community, research and knowledge from a historical, anthropological , social, cultural, humanistic , ideological and political European perspective.
  • Encourage cultural , educational and scientific experiences and to promote research contributing to the understanding and knowledge in Europe;
  • Preparation of studies that help to increase awareness of new technologies in the field of education in Europe;
  • Contribute to conservation , intervention, improvement and dissemination of historical, artistic and ethnological heritage of Andalusia in Europe;
  • Develop advocacy, development, research, and publication of works related projects generating new technologies , heritage and culture of Andalusia;
  • Promote the Andalusian public participation in European projects of any kind, and channel cultural concerns;
  • Be an institution serving Andalusian society based on the principles of equality, freedom , justice and pluralism.
  • Spread the culture of cultural pluralism and coexistence and tolerance in Europe;
  • Being a tool of integration and coexistence between different cultures on our continent , promoting the development of a process of integration of European citizens who have not yet been integrated into our society.
  • Defend the legitimate rights of European citizens who comprise a minority in different social and cultural fields (people with disabilities , dependents, persons with disabilities , people suffering exclusion);
  • Promote education and dissemination of knowledge as vital to the goal of tolerance and peaceful coexistence instrument;
  • Promote and collaborate actively in all tasks aimed at education and training for the understanding of the natural environment as well as any activity that promotes the creation of a sustainable development of the planet on which look you benefit the environmental health and conservation or protection of Nature, Environment and Climate Change;
  • Develop solidarity and social action aimed at the most disadvantaged and needy groups through European cooperation projects and development activities;
  • Develop projects and environmental activities for ecological environmental protection, through awareness campaigns , information and education;
  • Development of relations between European people and other related cultural institutions;
  • Promote and support the creation of study groups or entities whose primordial end is the development and the social , cultural and economic development, the development of Andalusia and creating initiatives , economic activities and jobs;
  • Commissioning contact Andalusian and European citizens for learning European languages and cultures and promoting relations between both peoples.