Adamastor – Associação Cultural

LOGO-PORTOGALLOFull legal name: Adamastor – Associação Cultural

PIC: 949044606

Country: Portugal

City: Viseu


Adamastor is a non-profit cultural association that works for a better professional and personal qualification. We pretend to offer in Portugal to young people from others countries, the opportunity to have the initial vocational training and/or a working experience in order to improve their skills. Our project main objective is to give the opportunity to young students or in initial vocational training to acquire the know-how needed in order to get started in a professional career and to achieve success. Within this mission we work very often under the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme, which is a very good opportunity to young students or in initial training to have a working experience in a foreign country.  Adamastor is a non-profit cultural association, founded on January 28, 2005. This association has as its mission the exchange of individuals, mostly young people, at EU and third countries, to promote training, support and technical expertise, artistic and cultural activities, social and political awareness as well as putting them together with institutions, companies and other entities to encourage and support integration of these individuals in the labor market. Adamastor is also a place of discussion and awareness to the local population in promoting activities in the field of gender equality, opportunities equality; non-discrimination, inclusion of people with fewer opportunities; youth coaching and other, using public spaces to attract citizens into several actions.